Would you like to discover some of the plants in the garden and get the perfect snap of your favourite bloom? Or help Baroness Antoinette find her lost flowers? We have the perfect activities for individuals, couples and families to explore the beautiful garden in all its glory!

Duration: 30-45'

Palms lawn

Short botanical tour

This short guided tour, included in the entry fee and available every day (see times displayed on site), offers visitors a taste of the Botanical Garden giving some interesting facts about the wonderful world of plants and the history of the Brissago Islands.

From 5 to 10 years

Treasure hunt – Search for the lost flowers

Helping Antoinette find her most cherished flowers will give the children the opportunity to explore the island in a fun adventure that will lead them to discover the abundant nature and beautiful landscapes of the botanical gardens.

There is a charge for this activity. The map can be purchased at the shop.

Duration: 1h30'- 2h00'

Guided tours

If you want more than just an overview of the Botanical garden, book a guided tour in advance by choosing from several options, which will lead you along the garden’s paths by immersing yourself in the extraordinary range of plants species, discovering stories about the people, connected to the islands centuries-long history.